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Pricing is simple. You either pay $87 / month or $137 / month depending on the number of contact records you have in your Infusionsoft account. Reach out to us if you need any custom reports developed or have any questions.

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No Fee For Larger Accounts That Have Over 100,000 Contact Records

Setup your ReportMojo account today. Reports will be updated only once after your account is created. Custom Reporting is not available in this tier.

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Reports Updated Only Once After Account Setup
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    Nightly Updates / On Demand

    Intended for Infusionsoft Accounts that have over 100,000 contact records.

    Reports are automatically updated every night. Also, update your reports on demand when you want to.

    Nightly and On Demand Report Updates (Large Accounts)
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      Custom Reporting / Development

      Custom Reporting? Custom reporting is optional, but if you need a custom report we can work together on building it. Custom reporting is normally around $450 in development costs and work is usually completed within 5 business days. Click the button below to learn more.

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