Custom Reporting Info

Custom Reporting / Development

What does it cost to build a custom report? 9 times out of 10 we normally charge $450 to build out custom reports. We do this on a per "sprint" basis. This price can change depending on the complexity of the project, but we try to offer a simple flat pricing for development.

What is a "sprint"? We kick off a sprint by having a Goto-Meeting. During the meeting we will help you scope out the report and discus what you need built. Once we have it all spec'd out, we will go to work and have it built, tested, and deployed within 7 days. You'll review the report and send us any feedback. We can make small tweaks if needed. After the sprint is over, we can start a new sprint if you have more work to be done.

How many reports can be built during a sprint? That is entirely dependent on the report(s) we are building. If the reports are very simple, sometimes we can fit 2 or 3 reports in during one sprint. If the report is more complicated or not so straight-forward, chances are only 1 report can be built during that sprint.

What if I need a report modified or updated later? If the change is simple, sometimes we do it for free, if not so simple, we might charge a small fee $50 - $100 to cover our time. If the change is pretty big, we might have to scrap the existing code and re-write it from scratch which is basically starting a new sprint.

What can you build custom reports on? Opportunity records, Orders, Contacts, Tags, Custom Fields, pretty much anything that we have access to from the API. We can tell you very quickly whether your report would be possible to build or not. We are familiar with all of the Infusionsoft API quirks and table schemas.

What can you NOT build custom reports on? Email Stats. There is very limited data that you get out of Infusionsoft regarding email stats. There are probably other things, but this is the most common request that gets turned down.