Custom & Advanced Reporting For Infusionsoft!

Get more insignt into your data by using our pre-built reports or have us custom build you one.

We have some pre-built reports that you can run today to get better insight into your Infusionsoft Data. If those reports are not what you are looking for, then chances are, you'll need to have it custom built. This is where we can really help.

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Lead to Conversion ROI

How long does it take for a lead to become a customer?

How many people become a customer within the first day they view your site? How about within the first week? The First month?

Quarterly Sales and Stats

Most revenue reports are broken out monthly or yearly. Well this one is broken out by quarter. While developing it, we decided to add some other useful stats such as number of new customers, new contacts, and returning customers. This report might give you some additional insight to your Infusionsoft order data.

Subscription Stick Rate

How many Active subscribers do you have on a monthly basis? What was your best month in terms of having the most active subscriptions a point in time? How long do people stay on a subscription, or how long until they cancel their subscription? This report gives you a lot of useful information regarding your subscription data.

Revenue Growth

Compare your yearly, monthly, quarterly, or weekly revenue from paid and unpaid invoices. This will help you visualize revenue on a month to month basis and compare it to last year. You can also see total sales vs total paid invoices for the year. Refunds are excluded from this report!

Daily/Weekly Leads

See how many new contact records are being created on a daily or weekly basis.

Sometimes people acquire so many contacts that they need more than just a monthly or yearly view of the number of contacts being created. This report breaks it down daily or weekly and also has a graph in terms of percent. You can use your own custom date range to narrow down a specific time period.

Monthly Sales Snapshot

Refunds and Unpaid Invoices got you down? With our monthly sales snapshot report, you can see how many unpaid invoices and refunds are being processed each month. You can even run the report by either "One Time Orders" or "Subscription Payments" only or both.

Cohort Retention Matrix

How long does it take for a lead to become a customer?

How many people become a customer within the first day they view your site? How about within the first week? The First month? Sometimes people think it's all about nurture, nurture, nurture, but the reality is that 99% of their customers purchase within the first day!

Upcoming Subscription Payments

The Upcoming Subscription Payments report is very handy when you are trying to identify how many subscriptions are set to be billed this month, next month, and all of the following months. One of the most useful features of this report is seeing how many subscriptions are still Active but have not actually made a recent payment since their credit card expired. Infusionsoft billing triggers normally will help you cancel a subscription after so many failed payment attempts, but payment attempts do not occur if the credit card on the subscription has expired.

Custom Report Examples Below

These are just a handful of custom reports that have been built in the past. Each report is custom developed based on customer requirements. If the data is accessible and the report is technically possible to build - then we can build it.

Days Until Conversion

Leadsource Conversion Rate

Leadsource Conversion Rate

Custom ROI Report

Custom ROI Report

Payment Plan Projections by Product Category

Sales and Refunds by Owner

Repeat Customers by Month

Revenue by Product Categories

ROI By Leadsource and Tags

Subscription and Revenue Dashboard

Sales by City and State

Sales Rep Conversion Percentage

Daily Sales For Specific Products

Company Sales and Stats

Subscription Cancellation Tracking

Future Payment Plan Revenue by Week

Customer Lifetime Value - Monthly Interval

On Demand Report Updates

ReportMojo reports are updated nightly. If you need reports to updated quicker, just click a button and the update process will start working right away.

  • Email Delivery

    You can create a schedule for any report to be delivered via email to a group of people. Example: “Send Bob the ROI report every Monday at 9am”

  • Custom Development

    Let us build whatever custom report you can think of. As long as the report is technically possible, we should be able to build it. Reach out to us about custom reporting if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How does the Free Trial work?

    A.When you sign up, we will import your API data and setup all of your reports automatically. This API import process only runs at the time you set your account up. With a premium ReportMojo account, this API Import process runs every night or on demand when you want it to.

  • Q.How much does custom reporting cost?

    A.Normally $450 for a sprint. What is a sprint you ask? We meet via Goto-Meeting, gather all the requirements for whatever report(s) we are going to build. We build it, test it, deploy it, and then make any slight modifications after your review. This is what we consider a sprint. After one sprint is completed, we can continue with another sprint if needed. During one sprint, we try to fit in as much work as possible. Normally one or two reports depending on the complexity of the report.

  • Q.Can I build my own reports?

    A.Short answer No. However; if you are super familiar with data aggregation then we can export a custom dataset into a google sheet that you can build your own report off of if you are familiar with that sort of thing, but we do not have a drag and drop report builder. Most of our reports are too custom to be built with a wysiwyg report tool.

  • Q.Can you pull data from other sources like Facebook?

    A.No. We only pull data from the Infusionsoft API. We specialize in building out custom reports that can not easily be generated by using the standard Infusionsoft reports. If you are exporting contact data and doing vlookups or are having a hard time getting specific data out of Infusionsoft, then we can probably help you depending on what you are trying to get. We can pull data from a google sheet if needed depending on the requirements.

  • Q.What happens if I need a modification to my existing custom report?

    A.If we build a custom report and later on you need it modified for whatever reason we can make that modification. If it’s a very simple task, normally we just do it. If it takes us an hour to make the change, then we might charge a small fee, $50-$100 or so. If the change is dramatic, then basically you need a new report built and we can move forward with another sprint if needed.

  • Q.How do I access the reports?

    A.You can login to our reporting platform and run the reports on demand. You can also setup email subscriptions to a report, so if you need to send a specific report every week/month/day to a group of people, then you can set that up pretty easily. Just pick the report, choose the parameters you want the report to run with, and set up the schedule.